Within two minutes, two accident crashes into two poles ... both replaced within two hours by LCEC linemen Legislative advocacy is critical for maintaining stable electric rates Logan County Electric Cooperative focuses on SERVING PEOPLE, not generating profits Logan County Electric Cooperative helps our members use less energy, one key to STABLE and AFFORDABLE costs


The board of trustees determine the strategic direction of Logan County Electric Cooperative. The co-op members determine who represents them on the board.

The 2015 Logan County Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees election will be held from May 15 until June 13. All votes must be received by 11:59 p.m. on June 13, 2015. You may vote for one (1) candidate for each district on a single ballot, and may only submit one (1) ballot per membership.

Please take a few minutes to review the biographies of the candidates by clicking on the link below. Once you have read the bio's please click on the checkmark below. You will be taken to the ballot web site and with your Election Pin (which was provided for you on the paper ballot you received in the mail) you can vote for one candidate from each district. If you have any questions please call the office at 937.592.4781



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