Within two minutes, two accident crashes into two poles ... both replaced within two hours by LCEC linemen Legislative advocacy is critical for maintaining stable electric rates Logan County Electric Cooperative focuses on SERVING PEOPLE, not generating profits Logan County Electric Cooperative helps our members use less energy, one key to STABLE and AFFORDABLE costs Logan County Electric Cooperative works hard to keep costs reasonable and rates stable

Tour YOUR electric generation power plant!

JOIN US on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 ... for a tour of YOUR electric power plant, one of the cleanest coal burning generation facilities in the world

Cardinal is among the cleanest coal-burning power plants in the world, regarding currently regulated emissions. Ohio’s cooperative leadership has understood the need to be good environmental stewards, and has supported Buckeye Power’s forethought in doing the right thing to reduce emissions from the Cardinal plant.

See first-hand the environmental investments , and how electricity is generated for rural Ohio homes, farms and businesses. Please call our office (592-4781) to reserve your place for an all expense paid tour of the facility that generates the electricity used by Logan County Electric Cooperative members!





For the next 75 years ...

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