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Proposed code changes to be presented and acted upon at the 2014 Annual meeting

Periodically the Board of Trustees reviews the Code of Regulations to ensure it meets the current operating requirements of the Cooperative.  The Code of Regulations was last updated in 2009 by action of the members attending the annual meeting.  A significant change at that time resulted in the Cooperative allowing the trustee election to take place by mail ballot instead of only being able to vote at the annual meeting.  This change tripled the number of members participating in the election.

Earlier this year the Board unanimously approved some minor adjustments to Code of Regulations, which will be presented to the members attending the annual meeting on June 17.  While changes in 2009 enhanced the election process, changes being presented in 2014 are meant to improve the nominations and election process and to add to the minimum qualifications to be and remain a member of the Board of Trustees.

For a summary of the proposed changes, please CLICK HERE.

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